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Rebel Tents in Metcalfe & Greely & OttawaTENT RENTALS

Rebel Tents will help make your event a success. We have the tents and accessories you need for any party, wedding, or large corporate event. We are Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec’s preferred tent rental provider because we love what we do, and it shows in our work.

First and foremost, Rebel Tents provides tents for your special occasions. Any size, from 10×10’s, to elegant wedding tents, pitched with precision. Sidewalls, dance floors, lighting, and liners are available to take your tent and event to the next level.

Be it a company picnic, golf tournament, or parking lot tent sale, our tents can help your company display its grandness and success with elegance and awe.
We can also cover just about any worksite that needs to be sheltered from the elements. Clearspan fabric structures can reach over 100 feet wide and extend over 400 feet.

Parties come in all different shapes, sizes, and themes. Need chairs, tables, linens, BBQs, or bars? Don’t sweat it. Rebel has those too. And if we don’t, we’ll find it for you.



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Double A Downsizing

Experts in Downsizing and De-cluttering.
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Double A Downsizing











 These days many people are moving from large homes to

  • smaller homes
  • condominiums
  • retirement residences
  • assisted living facilities


The reasons for this migration include

  • physical limitations have made things like stairways unsafe
  • children have moved away from home and the current residence is too large
  • house cleaning and yard work are costly and/or time consuming
  • ongoing and unexpected maintenance requirements are expensive, eg. end of life for roof, septic tank replacement
  • it is expensive to heat and air condition a large home
  • property taxes continue to rise


Double A Downsizing will help you manage your move from the time you decide to leave your current residence until you move into your new one.  We’re in business to serve you and would be happy to discuss your requirements.  Call us anytime at 613.262.4948 for a free estimate.


Double A Downsizing – simplifying your moving experience

Business Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Located in: Moving Services
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