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Martel Mortgages Diane Hollerman

Martel Mortgages (Diane Holleman, Mortgage Agent, FSCO #11963)
Honesty and integrity, providing the best financing solutions and mortgage guidance

My name is Diane Holleman, and I am a mortgage agent with Martel Mortgages, serving Ottawa and surrounding areas.  Our brokerage has offices in Brockville and Rockland, and I am a mobile agent working out of South Ottawa.  My pledge is to provide optimum financing solutions at a level of honesty and integrity that all our clients deserve.
I am an honourably retired Canadian Forces veteran of 27 years, Logistics Branch.  I am also a highly experienced and skilled real estate investor, doing cross border business in the United States.  Due to my rich and varied background, I command a wealth of skill sets that are very advantageous to the mortgage industry which in turn benefit you, the client. 
I love helping people achieve their dreams for a new home, and I never shirk from clients who are facing a difficult situation. I am a relocation specialist regarding mortgages for subsidized relocations, with intimate knowledge of how those relocations work for Canadian Forces, RCMP, Air Canada, etc.
I can provide expertise in whether or not a potential home that is being purchased for investment purposes is a “good deal” with regard to rate of return, what the rent must be to break even or provide desired profitability.  I am adept at calculating debt service coverage ratios (DSCR), net operating income (NOI) or anything to do with those types of financials.  This applies as well to projects on the commercial side, particularly multi-family.
My Martel Mortgages website offers on line application, valuable related links and mortgage terminology, mortgage calculator, samples of available rates, etc.   Services include: - access to dozens of financial institutions, banks and private lenders, offering both traditional and alternative lending platforms – complimentary home warranty and appraisal rebate available for those who qualify or OAC - lowest discounted rates to qualified borrowers - first time home buyers - self employed - mortgage renewals and switches - re-finance or equity take out - second homes or vacation homes - second mortgages and debt consolodation - rentals and commercial properties - financing options for those with “bruised" credit - pre-approvals - mobility - I will meet the client anywhere they prefer at their convenience - responsiveness - I always return calls and emails, clients have the privilege of my full attention.
There is no charge for services to qualified borrowers, consults are complimentary and there is no obligation.  Clients’ best interests are held first and foremost, and guidance is provided accordingly, finding the best fit.  It is not just rates, it is terms, comfort levels, and what is important to you.  I will help with budgets, calculate land transfer taxes, determine affordability, and find appropriate exit strategies.  I will always go the extra mile, thus enabling the client to make the best informed decisions.
For samples of latest rates or more information please call, email or go to my website. Sincerely, Diane Holleman   Mortgage Agent, FSCO #11963  

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