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Orchard View Wedding & Event Centre

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Visit us soon. Discover for yourself how Orchard View turns traditional occasions into special events.

OV DSC5911Some people know Orchard View as a wedding venue. Others as a conference centre and still others as a location for lively social events. We are all these things. For nearly 30 years, we have played host to all manner of occasions: wedding receptions, business functions, Mother’s Day brunches or even wine and cheese tastings. Each different. Each special. We understand that any event centre can host a private or community occasion. Each has its own distinct combination of charms and facilities. But we humbly submit that none can offer what Orchard View does: attention to detail, impeccable service and genuine customer care—all in pristine and beautiful natural surroundings.

When guests first arrive, we welcome them personally and bring them into our house for a tour. Through the Fireside Room, the Great Hall and upstairs into the Chambers and the Balcony, they gain an appreciation of what is—and what could be. We then invite them to discover our grounds at their own pace. To the north are the Old Bridge, the Garden, the Gazebo, the Dock and the Scenic Walking Path; to the south, the Stone Terrace, the Pergola, the Island, the Orchard and the Lake Wall. As they discover each, guests imagine adding their own personal touches to elevate their occasions from simply impressive to absolutely perfect.OV DSC5957

When they return to the house, guests usually ask if we can meet their specific needs and we are pleased to accommodate just about any special request they make. Such are the possibilities we offer. Such is the level of care that we offer to every person who comes through our doors. Such is our willingness to please.

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